Thursday 21 May 2020

The Lockdown Diaries: Life after COVID as Tourism Operators in New Zealand

Most people switch on their apocalypse mode during when a crisis strikes. And then there are some, who see new opportunities. I guess Uma and I belong to the latter category. I wouldn't pretend that we were not rattled when COVID-19 situation escalated very rapidly. 

There was no known strategy to refer to. All the rulebooks and norms were thrown out of the window. Doors were closing in whichever direction you looked to. Revenue from our Tourism business not just became Zero, but it started going negative when clients started cancelling and we had to issue refunds. 


Meanwhile, the bills kept coming. Mortgage needed to be paid. Our 19-year old son Sai is studying Bachelor of Music (film music composition specialization) at Victoria University, Wellington. How do we pay his fees? 12-year old Aniruth is in Year 8. Will we still be able to spend $300 for his school camp in October, if at all it goes ahead? Questions. Lots of them. With blank answers.


Before I tell you how we went about finding some goals to work toward to, let me take you on a time travel back through our lives. Back to when I was a regular, routine-bound, employed man. Uma was discovering herself with a Web Design business, and then with her Uma's Indian Vegetarian Cooking Classes. Then in April 2013, both of us became entrepreneurs and partners-in-crime, starting our Tourism business in April 2013. Fasten your seat belts folks, because you are in for a rollercoaster ride!


  1. So excited to know more about you both, and really hoping your family is coping well with this situation. All my best wishes and love,

  2. Look forward to following your journey Uma and Nats :)!

  3. Nats ....You are silent fighter with never to say die spirit......Really looking forward to hear from you more......

  4. And what wonderful partners in crime you are! Looking forward to reading more, Nats.

  5. Eagerly awaiting to hear your journey

  6. Eagerly awaiting to hear your journey

  7. Your way of approaching problems tells the inner bonding strength togetherness.
    There will be a way forward always.
    You uniquely add innovative ideas to the work. Please start write a book about your journey in life. God will listen all prayer and He will help to strive.